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Saturday, July 20
2-5:00pm   Fashion Revue           Pine County Courthouse 

Sunday, July 21      
8:00am   Dog Obedience, Rally & Showmanship      Fairgrounds, Cattle Barn

Monday, July 22    
6-8:00pm   Dog Interviews & Record Judging    Fairgrounds, 4-H Exhibit Hall

Sunday, July 28     
9:00am   Horse Barn Set-up      Horse Barn 
9:00am   Horse Interviews & Record Judging      Fairgrounds, Horse Barn
1:30pm   Livestock Barn Meeting       Livestock Show Arena
2:00pm   Livestock Interviews, Livestock Posters & Livestock Promotional
                       Judging, Cat & Pet Interviews      Livestock Show Arena       

Monday, July 29   
6:00pm   Fair Set-up and Food Stand Training  Food Stand & Exhibit Building

Tuesday, July 30
3-5:00pm &    General Exhibit Conf. Judging      4-H Exhibit Building
6:00-8:00   Demonstrations & Performing Arts      VFW

Wednesday, July 31           
8:30am   Dog Agility Show      Grandstand
1-8:00pm   Animal Exhibit Entry      Barns
3:00pm   Exhibit Hall Opens
3:00pm   Food Stand Opens
4:00pm   4-H Cat & Pet Show       Livestock Show Arena
8:00pm   Livestock Weigh-In

Thursday, August 1    
9:00am   Horse Show       Horse Arena
1:00pm   Animal Demonstrations       Livestock Show Arena
3:00pm   4-H Market Goat Show     Livestock Show Arena     followed by
         4-H Sheep Show & Lamb Lead      followed by
         4-H Beef Show      followed by
         Open Sheep Show      
         4-H Open Class Swine Show        Swine Barn

Friday, August 2          
9:00am   4-H & Open Poultry Show        Small Animal Barn 
10:00am   4-H & Open Rabbit Show        Small Animal Barn              
          4-H & Open Dairy Show        Livestock Show Arena  followed by
          4-H Dairy Goat Show        
Open Class Dairy Goat to follow the 4-H Shows       Livestock Show Arena
2:30pm   Animal Costume Contest        Livestock Show Arena 
4:00pm   Horse Fun Show       Horse Arena
7:00pm   Fashion Revue Show       VFW

Saturday, August 3    
8:30am   Open Class Beef Show        Livestock Show Arena
1:00pm   Auction Buyer’s Reception        Livestock Show Arena
1:30pm   Livestock Auction        Livestock Show Arena
4:00pm   Parade & Float Judging       Parade Route
5-6:00pm   4-H Performing Arts Variety Show        Band Shell
5-6:00pm   Grilling Contest, Judging @5:30pm     Common Area by Exhibit Hall
7:00pm   Barn Dance – Livestock Show Arena

Sunday, August 4      
7:00am   Carcass Contest Participant Animals    released
9:00am   Round Robin Showmanship       Livestock Show Arena
         Adult Round Robin Showmanship
12:00pm   State Fair & NELS Meeting        VFW
1:30pm   Music in Motion Fun Show       Horse Arena
4:00pm   All Exhibits Released

Monday, August 5   
6:00pm   Fair Clean-up        Food Stand & Exhibit Building